What makes our custard so darn good?

Harry's mom's secret recipe, of course. Sarah Frances Coley perfected this recipe in depression era Oklahoma by taking the freshest ingredients from the nearby country store and mixing in a little "mom" know-how.


Her frozen custard is a dairy product with an assortment of different fruits and candies. Custard has less fat than premium ice cream; and is creamier, smoother, and has a denser texture with less air than ice cream and yogurts. Just exactly what ingredients fill the custard, we can’t say – that’s the secret to our recipe. But even though the recipe’s a secret, the custard is not, so come by and try one of our many recipes of frozen custard. Harry’s frozen custard is hand dipped, and made fresh daily.

Look for our custard both at Harry's and in your local Metroplex Central Market stores.

Fun Fact

Quite the College Athlete

Did you know --

Harry will proudly tell you that he went to the University of Oklahoma, but much of his school spirit stems from his career as a starter on the Sooner baseball team. Granted, this was back when America's pastime was more like America's "present" time, but a notable fact nonetheless.

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