Get to know Harry.

In the waning days of the Great Depression, Harry Coley was born in the small town of Hollis, Oklahoma. Like most small agricultural towns of this era, life was dusty, full of hard work and at times extremely monotonous.


During the hot summers Harry's mother, Sarah Frances, would bring some relief to the sun scorched days by making her famous frozen custard. Harry remembers his mother's frozen custard as a "bowl of heaven" and knew from the first spoonful to the last, he was tasting something special. These days, Harry does not have to rely on his memory to savor the taste of his mother's frozen custard. Fortunately, you do not have to listen to Harry's recollections of life in Hollis to appreciate the creamy taste and cooling effect his mother's frozen custard has on one's palate. We hope you to will enjoy magical memories when you take a bite of frozen custard. Harry will, of course, be ready to relate tales of life in Hollis to anyone who cares to listen.

Fun Fact

An Incredible Sampling of Flavors

Did you know --

Currently, Harry's sells over 50 flavors of custard! Of course, some are more popular than others (looking at you, Green Tea), but they all work into the schedule on a regular basis. Some, like Pumpkin Pie in the fall, are made on a seasonal basis.

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