It's a family thing.

When I was a boy growing up in Hollis, Oklahoma, my mom, Sarah Frances Coley, made a special treat called frozen custard. It was like ice cream, only better. Thick, rich and silky smooth, frozen custard was the most heavenly thing I had ever tasted! I dreamed that one day I’d own a restaurant and sell frozen custard, using my mom’s secret recipe. My heart’s desire was to make people as happy as that dessert made me.


Fast forward to 1996 when we opened Wild About Harry’s on Knox Street in Dallas. From the start, Texans ate up our unique blend of food and fun. They fell in love with our winning combination: my mom’s delicious, old-fashioned frozen custard, our scrumptious, award-winning hot dogs and our relaxed Key West-casual atmosphere.

Today, our restaurant is a gathering place for every generation – from tiny tots to senior citizens. In fact, our food is so fantastic and our restaurant so special, we’ve won countless awards, been featured in dozens of publications and visited by celebrities. I’m proud to tell you that everybody is, well, wild about Wild About Harry’s!

As you can see, my dream actually came true, and now I’d like to share that dream with you. Are you looking for a tasty opportunity?

I’m inviting you to join our Wild About Harry’s family by becoming a franchise owner. Imagine, you could be in the business of making people happy, just like me.

All the best,

Harry Coley

Founder, Wild About Harry's

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